WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Announced for This Week's WWE SmackDown

While this year's TLC, aka Tables, Ladders, And Chairs has featured some of the biggest matches of [...]

While this year's TLC, aka Tables, Ladders, And Chairs has featured some of the biggest matches of the year, the pay-per-view event is taking the opportunity to hype up future big matches with the upcoming Intercontinental Championship Match between Big E and Sami Zayn has been confirmed for the next WWE Smackdown. With Big E working to establish himself outside of the tag team of the New Day, the larger than life wrestler is looking to take things up a notch by challenging Zayn in a one on one match to see who will take him the gold!

With Big E having pinned Sami Zayn earlier in the night during TLC, it's clear that Big E has earned his shot at becoming the next Intercontinental Champion, looking to have a one on one match in order to prove he's just as much of a threat as he is as part of a team. During tonight's pay-per-view event, we witnessed Big E's former partners in the New Day lose their titles to the tag team of the Hurt Business, breaking Kofi Kingston's and Xavier Woods' reigns. Needless to say, Big E has a lot to prove but we're crossing our fingers that this is a big step in continuing to establish himself as a solo force.

WWE shared the big news via their Official Twitter Account, letting fans know that this week's Smackdown will feature Big E taking on Sami Zayn, following the hilarious "release" of a behind the scenes Zayn yelling at WWE employees in the same vein as Tom Cruise:

TLC wasn't just a big event for both Big E and Zayn, it was also a big night for fans as they were able to witness some amazing matches, with the brawl between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens perhaps being one of the biggest of the night. Needless to say, we're looking forward to this Intercontinental match that will determine if Zayn remains champion or if Big E can add a new belt to his long-running resume!

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