John Cena Is The New Voice For Honda

John Cena is clearly one of the biggest super stars to emerge from World Wrestling Entertainment in the past few years, having pushed his stardom to outside of the organization into the world of Hollywood with feature length films such as Bumblebee, Blockers, and Playing With Fire, and he appears to be "stretching his wings" even further as the new voice for Honda. With Honda's new promotional campaign being dubbed "Rugged", Cena will be lending his vocal chords in promoting some of the trucks/vehicles that Honda has been making throughout the decades throughout the world.

The last time we saw John Cena in the squared circle, he was fighting against Bray Wyatt's alter ego known as "The Fiend" and suffered a loss that seemed to make him disappear from WWE's roster. The "Firefly Funhouse" match during the latest Wrestlemania earlier this year went through the history of Cena as a wrestler, starting from the beginning of his career and travelling to the present wherein Wyatt was able to secure victory. Cena's Instagram page was taken by Wyatt for a time but he has yet to be seen wrestling since this big match. What the future holds for John Cena as a wrestler is anyone's guess, but we wouldn't be surprised if he returns once again for 2021's Wrestlemania!

WWE John Cena
(Photo: WWE & Honda)

John Cena has plenty on his plate when it comes to upcoming Hollywood projects, with DC's Suicide Squad not only placing him as one of the main team members in James Gunn's upcoming film, but also giving him an original television series as the character of Peacemaker which will premiere on HBO Max! On top of this Warner Bros' blockbuster, Cena will also be playing the part of Dom's brother in the next installment of the high paced action movie series in Fast And Furious 9.

Of course, as many know, a number of Hollywood projects have had to be pushed back as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, with Fast And Furious 9 for example landing next year when it was originally scheduled to drop in 2020. Regardless, Cena has definitely managed to leverage his wrestling career into a fruitful career in the world of entertainment!

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