Recently Released WWE Star Teases Boxing Debut

Former United States, NXT Tag Team and Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto was one of the many wrestlers WWE cut from its roster back on April 15. Since then that group has gone in a variety of directions — some have launched their own podcast, others have changed their wrestling names and a few have even been teased to appear in Impact Wrestling later this year. But it looks like the luchador (real name Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez) is taking a different approach.

On Wednesday the former champ took to Twitter and teased competing in a boxing match for the growing Triller promotion. The ad used his former wrestling name Samuray del Sol.

While he's never competed in a professional fight, Rodriguez does have a background in jujutsu and taekwondo.

Over the last year Triller has partnered with the likes of Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg, and was behind the Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight and the recent Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren bout.

While Kalisto was released, he was not a victim of the infamous "Trashbag Gate" that Mickie James and Chelsea Green have both recapped on their respective shows. Green even revealed WWE sent her Natalya's belongings by accident.


"Upon further inspection of the trash bag, I start to realize, 'I'm not really sure what's in this trash bag.' I first pull out some black boots," Green said on the 50 Shades of Green podcast. "Beautiful black boots, but not my black boots. I then pull out a second pair of black boots. Again, beautiful boots, not my boots. Okay, now here, we get to the third item. The third item was the most gorgeous little leather shrug with studs, and diamonds, and flappy things, and pink jewels, and all sorts of things. Now, if you know women's wrestling, you know that the person who wears black leather with pink is always the same person. That is always going to be Nattie. So I knew right away that the contents of my box were actually Nattie's box.

"I continued to go — I pulled a couple of things out," she continued. "A lot of it was Nattie's, but I did run into some questionable items. Some cute little skirts, some cute little dresses, and things that kind of looked like m"aybe Lana's or Liv [Morgan]'s. So I don't know if there was other things in that box. There was also a basketball. I don't know who the fuck is playing basketball at WWE backstage but somebody is getting their hoops in. So the content of my box was, in fact, not mine - and many other other females'. So I let them know that, and the person - he who shall not be named, because he who shall not be named was let go from WWE - he told me to drop the box off at someone's house. Send the box on its way. I was shook. Shooketh, people. Shook. Because here's the thing, the contents of this box are expensive. Wrestling boots is expensive, gear is expensive, clothing - it's all expensive. I'm not just going to drop it off at somebody's house and hope it gets to Tampa."