Liv Morgan Shares Special Message From Trish Stratus Ahead of Raw Women's Championship Match

Liv Morgan will challenge Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship on tonight's edition of Monday Night Raw. Hours before the show, Morgan shared a special message she received from WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, which read, "I'm so excited for you. This time the blond wins." This was in reference to Stratus celebrating the 17-year anniversary of when she and Lita made history by being the first women to main event an episode of Raw. 

Morgan confirmed in an interview with ComicBook this week that the gear she wore to the ring last week was a tribute to Stratus. She said, "That was purposeful. Can't wear a long pleather duster jacket and little shorts and a little top and boots and not think of Trish. I didn't even realize that this Monday is the 17 year anniversary of their main event match, and I'm hoping that Becky and I could also be the main event. It feels very weird and symbolic. I remember watching that match live as a little girl, sitting on the edge of my bed, just eyes glued to the television. So to have our timelines line up in this weird way, it gives me extra motivation that I didn't even need for this match. And it's so weird. Becky kind of has red hair, I'm blonde, title match. So since I'm going to win, it's just crazy."

Elsewhere in the interview, she reflected on the importance of this match, her biggest to date in the WWE. 

"Well, I feel like the biggest challenge at this point has just been the opportunity. I feel like that's been the biggest challenge. And now that I have it, I know how huge it is. And I'm doing everything I possibly, and I hope Becky does, because I want her at her best and I want to beat her at her best," Morgan said. "I feel like I owe this to my fans. As much as I want it, and I want it more than I want anything, I feel like I owe it to my fans to give them this moment, as well."