Paul Heyman Teases Betraying Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will once again clash at Crown Jewel this Thursday for the WWE Universal Championship. But while these two have faced off numerous times over the years, this match has two major differences — Reigns is now a heel and Paul Heyman finds himself at the center of the conflict. Ever since "The Beast" returned at SummerSlam, he has been claiming that Heyman is still his advocate and has successfully negotiated things for him like his title match at Crown Jewel and his status as a free agent during the 2021 WWE Draft. Heyman has consistently sworn his allegiance to "The Tribal Chief" but the uncertainty has only enraged Reigns week after week. 

Heyman took to Instagram on Monday with one of his trademark "spoilers" for Crown Jewel. His choice of words immediately had fans questioning if he'll betray "The Head of the Table."

"I hate to spoil the ending of what is the biggest box office match of 2021, but ...Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is @paulheyman, and I will be walking down the aisle at #CrownJewel with the reigning defending undisputed #WWE #UniversalHeavyweightChampion ... and I assure you, I will be leaving #CrownJewel with the #WWE #UniversalHeavyweightChampion!" Heyman wrote.

The idea of Heyman turning his back on one of his clients is nothing new, he even did it to Lesnar way back in the early 2000s to end his first WWE Championship reign. But given how much Heyman has applauded the opportunity to work alongside Reigns both on TV and behind the scenes makes it seem highly unlikely that he'll betray him to go back to working with Lesnar. 

"I cannot begin to convey how reluctant I was to ever do anything in this industry after the eight years, let alone the 18 years, that I put together with Brock Lesnar," Heyman told Sports Illustrated back in May. "Look at our accomplishments: a 500-day run as champion, multiple world championships, the single biggest, most historic victory in sports entertainment history in the conquering of 'The Streak.' There was very little chance of me ever returning on-screen."

"For me to pursue, in front of the camera, life after Brock Lesnar, the only lure that could seduce me to even attempting such an impossible goal was to do it with someone that would live their life in the pursuit of achieving that impossibility, and that's Roman Reigns," he later added. "And that's why someone, that's why anyone and that's why everyone should watch Roman Reigns. Every micromoment he's in the frame, you are witnessing the pursuit of the all-time greatest career in the annals of sport, in the annals of entertainment and in the annals of sports entertainment."