Latest Reports on WWE's Plans for Ric Flair

Ric Flair was back on WWE television this week, and it sounds like "The Nature Boy" will be sticking around for a while. Last week's "Legends Night" edition of Raw saw Lacey Evans' attempts to seduce Flair result in him costing Charlotte Flair a tag team match. The two seemed to patch things up on social media, only for Ric to show up again on Raw and cost his daughter another match, this time against Evans. The 71-year-old left the arena with "The Sassy Southern Belle," heavily indicating they'll be an item on television going forward.

Dave Meltzer confirmed as much during the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, saying (h/t, "Yes, by the way. It's like whenever they bring Ric Flair back, the first week always does wellThat doesn't mean you bring him back every freaking week. It's not gonna happen that way, but damn they're doing it, yeah, he's doing something with Lacey Evans."

On top of that, there's speculation that this storyline will be how Andrade (Charlotte's real-life fiance) makes his way back to television.

Flair was a regular on WWE television for several months in 2020, first as Randy Orton's manager and later as one of his victims. WWE's decision to use him was met with criticism given his at-risk status towards COVID-19, but Flair said in interviews he never felt he was in any danger.


"The WWE is doing everything and following every guideline possible," Flair told Wrestling Inc. in July. "The testing and all that was conducted as professionally as it could possibly be. Three doctors. Organized. Yes, people had to stand in line, but that was because of so many people being tested. But nobody was together. Everybody had a mask on."

"I would scrutinize anybody that said otherwise at the highest level," he added. "I was tired of hearing the bulls. Carrano, Ace, Vince himself, I could go down the list of people that are making sure that everybody's life is at the best possible place while they're there for the event."