Roman Reigns Explains Why He Stepped Away From WWE During Coronavirus Pandemic

Roman Reigns has been gone from WWE television since late March when he chose to step away from [...]

Roman Reigns has been gone from WWE television since late March when he chose to step away from the company and be with his family during the coronavirus pandemic. The multi-time world champion has explained in multiple interviews that his decision centered around protecting his family (his wife recently gave birth to twins), and as a result his planned WWE Universal Championship match with Goldberg was scrapped days before the event was taped. Since then there have been six confirmed cases of COVID-19 from inside the WWE Performance Center, and reports surfaced last week that there might be as many as two dozen positive cases between WWE staff and wrestlers — though WWE reportedly doesn't want the latter group stating publicly if they have it.

In a new interview with The Hindu, Reigns further explained the reasoning behind his decision to stop wrestling during the pandemic.

"The company (WWE) has done everything that they can to make it the safest work environment possible. It is not the workplace that I was necessarily concerned about," Reigns explained. "The decision was taken mainly because each performer travels so much, and we are all such a diverse group and from all over the place. I'm not convinced, and I can't trust the fact that everybody is taking it as seriously and locking themselves down at home like I am. I trust my life with my co-workers every time I step foot in the ring, but I just can't put the same trust when it has my children, my wife and my family involved.

"But I don't want it to come off as I am taking a stand against the company at all, because I love the WWE. I've been a part of this company just since I was a little boy," he added. "That's why I always take it so personally when I represent them."

Reigns also discussed the situation of having to wrestle without fans inside the Performance Center, as well as what he plans to do once he's back in action.

"As far as performing in front of an empty arena is concerned, it is tough and I really commend all the guys and girls who are doing it," Reigns said. "Everything that I have ever learned was in order to get a reaction and to interact with our fans... so that is the hardest part.

"But when it comes down to it, I am gonna get in there and compete at the highest level... hopefully for a title. More specifically, the Universal Championship," he added. "If not, I will be there to prove that I'm not just the top of the mountain, but I am the mountain. I am [WWE's] biggest star, regardless of if I am on the show or not... so I have everything to prove and everything to lose as well.