Jeff Hardy Name Drops Matt Hardy Before WWE SmackDown Bar Fight

Matt Hardy may no longer be a member of the WWE roster, but the current AEW star received a bit of a callout from his brother, Jeff Hardy, during the main event of WWE SmackDown on Friday night. Jeff and Sheamus had a bar fight in the final segment of the show, the latest in a seemingly never-ending feud between the two which has included some controversial television along the way. The latest controversy was the fact that this match happened in a bar to begin with, given Hardy's well publicized history of alcohol abuse. However, the theme of the entire feud has been Sheamus insulting Hardy's past use of drugs and alcohol, so in that sense, it made sense no matter how distasteful this has been.

As the match got started, Hardy gave his nod to his brother. Jeff entered the bar as Sheamus was about to drink a shot of whiskey. Sheamus of course offered him a shot to "take the edge off."

"My brother had to delete his WWE career, tonight I've gotta recover mine. I've been doing this since I was sixteen years old, man, and I've made enough mistakes to last a lifetime. Sobriety has changed me, Sheamus, so tonight I hope you're ready for anything," Hardy said.

Sheamus followed that up by saying that it was time "face it," noting that nothing was ever going to change and that nobody cares anymore. They took some more shots at each other before the brawl began. In the end, Hardy was successful after transforming into face paint and hitting a Swanton Bomb off a ladder to win via pinfall.

In the end, this ended up being a pretty entertaining bar that was of course a lot different than anything else featured on the show Friday night on FOX.