WWE's John Cena Pins Roman Reigns After Showdown on SmackDown

Tonight's the last SmackDown before the chaos of SummerSlam begins, and one of the biggest feuds [...]

Tonight's the last SmackDown before the chaos of SummerSlam begins, and one of the biggest feuds going is the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns vs John Cena. Since SummerSlam is tomorrow, Reigns and Cena decided to issue their final statements on their massive match during tonight's episode of SmackDown, and as you might expect, they were both filled with memorable moments. Reigns started things out by saying a lot of people say things to him, a lot of stupid things, and then said "and that's exactly what John did last week, did he not? He came out here and said a lot of dumb stuff, and they reacted because you aid it with energy. They got excited because of you. Go ahead Pop! It's great right?"

"But I'm not going to lie to you. This man thinks he can pin me 1, 2,3. Wise man, when's the last time I lost?" Heyman then told him he hasn't, and that's when Cena launched into his promo.

Cena said that the fans believe the impossible is possible and then said "except you. Because you're the champ and being pulled in 100 directions. I came back and everyone was excited, but if a month ago I asked if Roman or Cena would win they would say Roman because I was filming a movie. You just don't get it. I'm here to take the Championship from you and then go do the movies so you can sit here as a failure. I'm not saying that you're not great, but you've lost control You're protected in this egomaniac bubble but you need to be brought down to earth."

Cena continued, saying "Summer of Cena. That is one hell of a tip-off. A signed contract in blue sharpie. That's not even legal! I'm here to demote your ass. This is a match you never wanted and this is a match made for me." He then said "The reason you're so frustrated this is all I have to do. You make a mistake...1,2,3. You're not perfect, it's 1,2,3. At SummerSlam, it's 1,2,3, and that equals 17, and I will break the championship record thanks to Roman Reigns. Tomorrow SmackDown will no longer have a resident Universal Champion."

Reigns then fired back, talking about Cena playing dress up (referring to his Peacemaker costume). "It's a little weird but I get it. You should've smarted yourself up before you came back, John. I smash people up so bad that WWE doesn't have a use for them anymore. Do you understand? You think I can't make movies and make commercials? You think you're better than me?" He caught himself and said, "It's Vegas right? Let's raise the stakes. Either I'm leaving that stadium as the Universal Champion or I'm leaving WWE."

Cena laughed but Reigns gave out his hand and Cena shook it. Reigns tried to lift him but Cena got around him and pinned him for 1,2,3, and Cena left the ring smiling as the Champion look pissed.

Here's the official description for tonight's SmackDown:

"Just 24 hours before SummerSlam, John Cena and Universal Champion Roman Reigns will make their final statements, Edge returns ahead of his matchup against Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio squares off with Jey Uso. Don't miss all the action of SmackDown, tonight at 8/7 C on FOX."

Here's the current card:

John Cena and Roman Reigns make final statements

Edge Returns

Rey Mysterio vs Jey Uso

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