WWE SmackDown: Shorty G 'Quits' After Brutal Loss to Lars Sullivan

Shorty G is no more. At long last, the character that seemed destined to fail the minute it was unveiled was ditched as Chad Gable announced he was going back to his old moniker following a match with Lars Sullivan. As Sullivan made his entrance with Gable in the ring, it was obvious he was in for a loss. This despite being a former Olympian and one of the most gifted athletes on the roster. His falling down the ladder in WWE following his stint with American Alpha has been frustrating for the audience to watch.

After predictably losing his match to Sullivan, Gable got on the mic and announced that he quit. Backstage in the trainers room, he was approached for an interview and disparaged the character itself. He said he was tired of being a punching bag and being a little puppet. He talked about how doing the PR gimmick that encourages everyone that "they can do it" wasn't going to work because "they can't do it."


He went on to say that the only person that could do it is a former high school champion, college champion, and Olympic champion - Chad Gable. And with that, the man has returned to his former gimmick and (finally) Shorty G is no more.