Watch: The Undertaker Roasts Booker T, Tells Hilarious Backstage Stories

Booker T has been uploading various clips from his recent live show "The Roast of Booker T," in which various wrestling stars like Rob Van Dam, MVP and his brother Stevie Ray popped up to roast the five time WCW Champion. One of the biggest appearances of the show came from The Undertaker, who appeared remotely via video and recalled some hilarious backstage encounters with Booker. "The Deadman's" segment was uploaded to YouTube this past weekend.

Taker's topics included the "Red Bull" incident, working with Booker in WCW and the infamous segment where he tried to get Undertaker to do a "Takerrooni" after a 2002 episode of Raw went off the air.

"You got the mic, and you told all those people, 'Y'all have seen me do the spinaroonie, I think y'all would like to see a Takerroni," he said. "A Takerroni? Seriously? You stabbed me right in the back, and it turned into the biggest hit since [John F.] Kennedy. Oh yeah, everybody was in on it, and you thought it was funny, you were sitting there in the corner, laughing, while the fans were all screaming, 'Takerroni, Takerroni.' You ought to be ashamed of yourself, man. Now you're sitting there, and everybody' throwing this big roast for you, and the guy that helps you, you just stabbed him in the back. Tell you what, that was pretty damn funny."

The Undertaker's most recent WWE match came at WrestleMania 36, when he beat AJ Styles in a cinematic Boneyard Match that wound up being one of the highlights of the show. In an out-of-character interview days later, he speculated over whether or not he'd do another kind of match like that again.

"Because that one was so successful it lends to that, but not to give myself a pat on the back, you gotta have the right players to do that," he said. "Guys that really understand their characters and really still rely on that part of the business, not just the athletic side of the business. I think more guys kind of lean that way now. Where for me that put me right back in my wheelhouse and AJ can work with a broom handle and put a four star match on."