WWE's AJ Styles And Omos Defeat The New Day For Raw Tag Team Championship

Though the New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods had Big E cheering them on before his singles match against Apollo Creed, it wasn't enough to have them retain the Raw Tag Team Titles, as AJ Styles and Omos pulled off a destructive win against one of the biggest tag teams in the WWE. With Omos eliminating Big E during this year's Royal Rumble, the New Day was looking for some serious payback, entering the ring in their typical flamboyant fashion while also having some amazing pixel art see Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston giving a nod to Dragon Ball Z with a fusion dance that united them into the ultimate professional wrestler.

Big E will have a match of his own during this year's WrestleMania, battling against the wrestler Apollo Crews in a "Nigerian Drum Match," which the member of the New Day is still unsure of what it entails exactly. Needless to say, we could definitely see Xavier and Kofi hanging out ringside for his match later during this year's big event.

(Photo: WWE)

The New Day started the match by focusing on AJ Styles, as Omos' insane size and strength make him a deadly force in the squared circle. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston might have been a bit nervous about facing down the giant in the ring, but that didn't stop them from shining on Omos and making fun of the goliath from inside the ring. Shockingly, Omos practically wrestled in formal attire, removing his jacket when the match began, but still wearing dress slacks and dress shoes, with a sleeveless shirt to match.

The New Day worked to isolate Styles, and essentially break him down before his larger-than-life partner could hop into the ring. Of course, the seven-foot-three behemoth eventually did find his way into the ring, with Xavier unable to even move Omos with a series of kicks. As the partner to AJ Styles was unleashed in the ring, he took apart both Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston for good measure. Pinning them easily, the new Raw Tag Team Champions were chosen thanks to Omos' boot.


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