AEW's Matt Cardona Regrets Nothing In His Departure From WWE

Zack Ryder had been with World Wrestling Entertainment for around a decade, but with the on set of the coronavirus pandemic, the professional wrestling organization had dropped a significant number of their talent and Matt Cardona, Ryder's real name for those who might not know, recently went on record how he did not regret leaving the WWE earlier than he had. With Cardona starting a new career at All Elite Wrestling, the current competitor to Vince McMahon's operation that has looked at the WWE's loss as their gain across the board, he has his eyes set on the championship belt!

Taking the opportunity to let his thoughts known via the outlet of Sportskeeda, Cardona went into some detail about how he has no regrets in terms of the exact moment that he was released from World Wrestling Entertainment:

"I do not live in regrets... I live in the future, in the present, never in the past. You know? You can learn from the past, but I never, I never think like, what if or why didn't I do that? Uh, you know, because what's the point you can't change it,"

WWE AEW Matt Cardona Departure
(Photo: AEW)

On top of this, Cardona had touched upon some criticism that he received from his quick entry into the AEW, with many believing that his long time friendship with EVP and on screen talent Cody Rhodes allowed him a much faster track to becoming a professional wrestler with WWE's competition:

"I’m sure there's some haters out there. He's Cody's friend, he's the ex WWE guy, whatever. I don't, I don't deal with the haters. I don't care about proving haters wrong. I want to prove my supporters right. That's what this is all about,"

While Ryder's career in World Wrestling Entertainment gave him the opportunity to hold onto titles such as US Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and Tag Team Champion, Cardona never had the opportunity to become the World Championship Title Holder and we're crossing our finger that he has the chance to do so within the AEW. As the AEW continues to add bigger names and new talent to their roster, things seem bright for the WWE's biggest competitor and we look forward to seeing where the company moves toward in the future!


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