Smoak Tower is on Fire in New DC's Legends of Tomorrow Photo

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It looks like Felicity Smoak will do pretty well for herself in the future - you know, until the entire future falls apart, of course.

In a preview still from executive producer Marc Guggenheim, we see that Palmer Tech is no longer going by Ray's name. Instead, in the future Star City visited by the cast of Legends of Tomorrow, the building says SMOAK.

It also happens to be on fire, which gives us our puntacular headline, so thanks for that one, Marc.

This indicates that Felicity will be around for awhile, it seems, and eventually fully takeover the Palmer company, which was formerly Queen Industries. Don't read too much into "Smoak," though, Olicity fans - it doesn't mean they don't wind up together, it could very well just be that a self-made professional didn't want to change her name.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow visits the future in Star City, 2046, where they'll also come across a wartorn Green Arrow missing an arm (but sporting a goatee), played by Arrow star Stephen Amell.

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  1. Especially because its the name she shares with her mother and not her father's name (I don't see that going well), my concern, and it shouldn't be too much of a concern I guess in 2046 because stuff happens is that an in memorium naming or what.

    • libra113
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    Where there's Smoak there's fire? :) God I hope they NEVER use that in the show.

  2. "Where there is Smoak there is nagging, and whining until you want to kill yourself" should be the tagline.

    • RJW
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    "Where there is Smoak there is nagging, and whining until you want to kill yourself" should be the tagline.

    And where there's a female that disagrees with the hero, there are males who will call it nagging.

    • tarotx
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    Having this altered timeline have Smoak Tech is surely a nod to what's happening in the Arrow episodes around that time (Baby mama blow up and the lack of a ring on felicity's finger in the grave site limo), As well as a pointed moment for Ray to see his company last without barring his name. His legacy isn't his any more.Ghost of Christmas past episodes can do funny things because they don't affect the real time line. Just the characters that remember and the fans.

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