More Earth-2 And Killer Frost Ahead On The Flash

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    Meathuman? #typo. If EVER there was a chance to use "Meat popsicle" this would have been the chance.

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    Because "Garrick" is in a relationship with E-1 Snow; he didn't kill Frost. All these strands are pointing to some weird 3 person Garrick cycle. Zolomon + Zoom + Captive Real Jay (CRJ), or The Rival + Time Travelling Garrick (Zoom) + Doppelganger Abductorino. I just love this show for bringing the fans and community together for these debates and theories; they are all compelling to read about and have healthy arguments. we all win in the end.

  1. So glad killer frost isnt gone! I like her more than katelyn lol

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