Kevin Maguire's Valiant Concerns Put at Ease

trinity angelsAbout a month ago, comics writer/artist Kevin Maguire posted a message to his Facebook page expressing some concerns about the way the re-formed Valiant Entertainment was going about things like royalty payments for some of the old Valiant Comics material, most notably his own series Trinity Angels, a property he created and which, in accordance with the deal he thought was in place with Acclaim, tried to buy back when the previous Valiant rights-holders were experiencing financial difficulty and closing up their comics publishing business. reported on his concerns about this, as well as the treatment of Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright, at the time, so when Maguire updated his Facebook followers on the situation today, it seemed appropriate that we would follow-up as well.

"[I] had a pleasant chat with Valiant CEO Dinesh Shamdasani [at Phoenix Comic-Con] who gave me all the information I was looking for vis-a-vis Trinity Angels," Maguire wrote simply. "I am now cool with them."

Whether that will turn into more Valiant work for the veteran artist, rumored to have a new DC project in development, remains to be seen.