Next Batman Video Game May Feature Hush


Evidence is mounting on social media that a new Rocksteady developed Batman video game will be announced soon, and now there is further evidence that the primary antagonist of that game will be Hush.

The Batman: Hush Facebook page, which is operated by Warner Bros., posted an image of Hush with the status update, "Remember a little appearance by somebody in Arkham City? Well things may be abut to get more interesting next month..."

The "next month" part coincides with rumors that the new Rocksteady Batman game would be announced within the next few weeks. There have also long been rumors that the next entry in the Arkham series of games would introduce an expanded roster of DC Comics superheroes, and Superman did make an appearance in the Batman: Hush storyline. The story also had Batman running up against a gauntlet of villains, which would make it a relatively easy story to adapt into a video game. Warner Bros has also registered the domain names for and

Hush is the villainous alter ego of Dr. Thomas Elliott, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Elliott became a serial killer and figured out Batman's secret identity, then went on an obsessive mission to turn his former friend's life upside down. The original Batman: Hush story was written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jim Lee.

Hush previously made a cameo appearance in Rocksteady's last Batman game, Arkham City.