League of Legends' Brazilian Server Has an Awesome Event to Prevent Toxicity

There’s a limited-time event coming to League of Legends’ Brazilian server that looks like the perfect way to reduce toxicity in-game.

Much like the new honor system does now, the Camp Yordle event that takes place from Sept. 17-19 revolves around sportsmanship with some worthwhile incentives if players can be on their best behavior. By holding their tongue in-game and refraining from bashing teammates and enemies, players can earn themselves “prizes like chests and keys.” For an in-depth explanation, simply auto-translate the above video's subtitles to your preferred language to catch all the details.

To kick off the event, players will be split into two different groups where their behavior will be monitored in each of their games. Each of the teams will have their own shared health bar that’ll deplete just a bit every time someone on that team is reported for something. If at the end of each day players still have even the smallest big of health left in the bar, their entire team will receive the rewards for that day. But if too many reports come through and the health bar is completely depleted for the day, no rewards will be distributed to that team.

One of the best parts about this upcoming event is that both teams are able to win each day. As long as both teams have a bit of health left in their bar, they’ll both be receiving the rewards for the day. This puts the emphasis less on a team vs. team mindset and much more on a personal and within-the-team path where players can think twice about their own actions while promoting a positive atmosphere.

The event currently looks to be only coming to that server, but adding it to other regions definitely wouldn’t hurt anything. It’s got a couple of aspects of it that may cause some problems such as players withholding reports out of fear that the reportable person may be on their team. The teams likely won’t be made public, so players won’t know if they’re reporting a teammate or a member of the opposing team, so players may opt to go ahead and report like normal just in case the person is on the other team.

The Camp Yordle event explained in more detail in the above video kicks off on Sept. 17 and will last until Sept. 19.