WWE 2K18 Will Prove That KFC’s Colonel Sanders Is No Chicken In The Ring

We’ve seen our fair share of guest stars pop up in WWE video games before. Most notably, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary Terminator character appeared in WWE 2K16 as a playable character, going up against the likes of John Cena and Roman Reigns with ease.

And so the trend continues with WWE 2K18, as 2K Sports has confirmed a very special guest star that will be featured in the game – Colonel Sanders.

Yep, you read that right. The Colonel, who’s been making the rounds in various Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials (even with a bit of identity crisis – who’s playing him now, Jim Gaffigan or Rob Riggle or both?), will be a “secret” character in the game, which players can put together through the game’s Create-a-Superstar feature.

Of course, you’re probably tempted to go after other fast food superstars instead of Colonel Sanders – like Ronald McDonald, perhaps? – but it’s kind of cool to see the Colonel tussle around with other WWE stars, including Dean Ambrose and Bobby Roode.

A new commercial featuring the Colonel was released, where Raw general manager Kurt Angle (who also plays the Colonel in the ad – oh, it’s damn true) introduces the star to the roster, but not before a guy in a chicken suit (Heath Slater) decides to protest about why he isn’t on the roster. You can see the ad above.

WWE has promoted with KFC before, as it previously had a match between Dolph Ziggler (in Colonel garb) and The Miz (in a chicken costume) to advertise the company’s forthcoming products. There were also mentions in the company’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling videos during its first season, with good ol’ “Nature Boy” Ric Flair narrating.

You’ll be able to create Colonel Sanders in all the versions of the game, and if you’re looking for more stars to add to the already overflowing roster, you’ll get them, as the recently announced DLC for WWE 2K18 includes the likes of Drew McIntyre, The Hardy Boyz and Beth Phoenix.

But, of course, there’s only one Colonel. And he’s ready for a championship.

WWE 2K18 releases on October 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch.