Raiden V: Director’s Cut Brings Back A Legendary Shooting Series For PS4, Steam

A while back, Raiden V came out for Xbox One, bringing back the top-down shoot-em-up (or “shmup”) series for fans of a new generation to enjoy, while also giving veterans the challenge they’ve been looking for in the genre. And today, PlayStation 4 and PC owners will get a turn.

UFO Interactive Games has announced the arrival of Raiden V: Director’s Cut for those platforms, going for $34.99. (Though you can get it on sale on Steam right now for a fifteen percent discount, at $29.74.) The launch trailer for the game is above, and is jam-packed with bullet hell action.

The Raiden series has been around for years, but Raiden V takes it in an innovative new direction, with a fully voiced narration over the game’s story, along with an abundance of rewards, including “cheer rewards” that can provide additional firepower when you need it the most.

The game follows the Raiden squad as they do battle with the deadly alien Cranassians, who are attempting to overtake their massive weapon arsenal. It’s up to you to shoot them back and stop them before it’s too late!

“We are excited to bring the best version of Raiden to PlayStation and PC players. As long-time fans of the series and genre ourselves, we think Raiden V: Director’s Cut is an exhilarating ride and are sure fans will agree” said, Jonathan Wan, CEO Tommo, Inc.

With the director’s cut, players can explore new game modes introduced to Raiden for the first time, along with two new missions and multiplayer, including the ability to play through the campaign with a friend. So if you like shooters, this is definitely the way to go!