Exclusive: Jason David Frank Talks Power Rangers Movie, ConTV, & More


It's a hot time for the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank. People are hungry for more Power Rangers news and with Frank traveling the globe filming and hanging out with fans, Power Rangers-mania is close to fever pitch. With Wizard World Las Vegas around the corner, ComicBook.com decided play the odds and get Frank on the line to talk before the event about the Power Rangers movie-in-the-making, Wizard World, and more. We think Lady Luck was on our side for this one. 

So before we get started, I have to ask you about the Power Rangers movie. Rumors are swirling that Dean Israelite, from Project Almanac recently joined the Power Rangers movie. What do you think about that?

JDF: I don't know if he's 100%. I know they're looking at him, but I don't think it's a done deal. I know they're in talks with him right now. They're still negotiating a deal. We'll see see who ends up directing this thing.

Do you have any idea how far along the movie is or when it will hit?

It's pretty secretive, man. It's a big Lionsgate project, so I'm sure I'm the last guy they're gonna tell because I have a huge social media fanbase.

Do you think that the Power Rangers fan film helped moved things with the feature film along?

No, I think it kind of rode our cotton coat tails. I think we moved him along, you know? I think it would've a long time ago, but to be honest I think he just rode the Power Ranger trend coat tail. Now that there's a movie in the works, his timing was perfect. He released it at the right time. I get it was rated R, but it took the mystical magical powers away from the Power Rangers and kept them like average people dressed up in suits, you know what I mean?

Sure. You've been involved with Power Rangers for a very long time now. Going back to the beginning, I don't know if a lot of people know this, how did you come to be a Power Ranger in the first place?

Auditions. Just going out there and auditioning is pretty much the process of Hollywood. You audition and you get a script and you audition and get forward. That's kind of what happened with me. You know, just got a script, went in, read, and got a call back. Next thing you know, I'm on set.

Did you have any idea that it would be something so big that took over and changed your life?

You never know when you go into it. I liked it, I thought it had a great concept and I loved the costumes. I'm not the guy that does something to get something. I just like to live day by day. I was really happy to be an actor and fortunate that it was something I loved to do. I would've done it for free! You know? It was one of those things where I just dove in and gave my passion and put my heart into it.

That's an awesome attitude.

Yeah, thank you.

So, Power Rangers are pretty much super heroes, but are there any Marvel or DC properties you would want to get involved with?

I'm so into being the Green Ranger super hero, it would be hard to cross over. But I love all the super hero movies coming out now. I know they just came out on Netflix with Daredevil and just a whole bunch of stuff. I'm a pretty big fan of what they're doing now. I think a Punisher TV series would be pretty cool, too. I like Wolverine. Other than that, I couldn't see myself as another super hero in that way unless I created an original super hero like we have. We created a new project called Black Unicorn which Dave and Kat have been this brand new super hero that we created. That's something that we're working on that will come out as a web series. I can see an original but it's so hard to see me play a super hero that I've read ever since I was little. 

It's pretty cool that you're at a point where you can create super heroes.


You mentioned being on the road quite a bit For instance, right now you're in Australia doing a show. What keeps you on the show circuit?

The fans, man. I came to Sydney last night and pulled a bunch of fans together for free and just had a meet and greet with about 20 fans. We just hung out for like 2 hours. It's really the fans, nothing more. For me, I mean I have a job it's not like I need a job. I just go out there. Like yesterday, I had the day off, but had fun sitting around with a big group and I had the chance to make their day because they weren't able to go to the convention. I love working with Wizard World too. CONtv, our new network, is going to have My Morphing Life launching April 24. Basically it's Cons 24/7 with Con material. Wizard World was involved with that. Wizard World and Cinedigm have a network that they merged, so I'm working for that and building the fan base up for CONtv.

That's awesome that you go out and do stuff like that for free just to make people happy.

Thanks, man. The guys last night were pretty excited about it. They were pretty happy. It's just good to see that, you know? There was no rush last night and I got to spend a bunch of time answering questions, questions that they weren't able to ask in conventions and stuff.

That's so cool. So you have this My Morphin' Life coming to CONtv, what can people expect from this show?

Well, we did Season 1 that had a bunch of fighting, world records being set, and stuff like that. Season 2 - same thing. Base jumping in Puerto Rico, coverage from Hawaii, and a lot of celebrities in there. Lou Ferrigno, Manu [Bennett], and Stan Lee did some promos for us. Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters is there too. He's on the first episode in fact. What's cool is that they're 8 to 12 minute episodes, so it's not too long, and they're full of good fun action. I'm done with Season 2 now. It just got done filming and there's a ton of insane stuff that I can't wait for fans to see like aerial flips in a jet fighter. Pulled 6 G's doing loops. Tomorrow, I'm swimming with the sharks. So, we just got a lot of exciting stuff that we do every episode.

None of that sounds like work! That sounds awesome.

Yeah, a lot of stuff going on.


You can check out My Morphing Life on CONtv starting this Friday. For a chance to meet the Green Ranger or some of your other favorite celebrities, enter the Wizard World Las Vegas contest by clicking the image below or right here!