Heroes Reborn Recap with Spoilers - Company Woman


The episode opens with the world panicking over the now public “human extinction level event” approaching Earth. As a radio host and guest recap Micah Harris’s revelation about Renataus’s involvement in covering up the “H.E.L.E”, Luke and Malina gather supplies during their trip to Odessa. Meanwhile, Otomo finishes his digital fortress as Erica Kravid watches behind him. Parkman and Taylor and Carlos and his group are also on their way to Odessa.

Back at Gateway, Emily confronts Tommy about whether he’ll continue to help Erica despite knowing the truth. Tommy says his priority is saving as many people as he can. He implores Emily to find a Gateway Watch (which will transport her into the future) before meeting up with Erica to start the mass evacuation process. He gets hooked up to Renautas’s special teleportation chair and successfully teleports an advance group into the future.

Ren arrives in Odessa (you’ll recall he had been tasked by one Otomo’s constructs to help Tommy) but is immediately confronted by Renautas security. Using an alias, Ren surprisingly passes an identity check and is given permission to enter Gateway.

Luke, Malina and company are stopped at a roadstop barring their way into Odessa. Phoebe scoffs that Malina will never reach Odessa, but Luke realizes that instead of finding Tommy, maybe they should have Tommy find them instead. He says they should “make a little bit of news” before pulling out of line and heading into the other direction.

After getting off the phone with the Texas governor (who deployed the National Guard blocking entry into Odessa), Erica puts on her Gateway watch and pulls out an old Primatech business card. Parkman barges in with Taylor and goes on a rant about how Erica made his family expendable. He compels Taylor to put a gun to her head, and asks Erica how it feels to have her family threatened instead. Erica tries to renege on her promise with Parkman, noting that Sunstone ended in disaster, but Parkman reveals that Taylor is pregnant. Erica gives Parkman three watches, which gets Parkman to leave and free Taylor from his control.

Luke and Malina arrive at Primatech’s old headquarters (which is now in ruins) and pulls Phoebe and Quentin out of the car, holding them at gunpoint.

After teleporting another group of people into the future, Tommy discovers that Renautas is only going to save a very limited number of people. Upset, he teleports away.

Taylor asks Erica how it feels knowing that her grandchild’s father is an evo, but Erica says it’s “not as unfamiliar as she thinks”. Erica has a flashback to when she was a teen, when her father’s doctor used his healing powers (the evo kind, not the medicinal type) to save her father, but raped her first. After a security guard tells Erica that Tommy has disappeared, Erica tries to “table their conversation”, but a glass vase explodes when Taylor starts yelling. Both Taylor and Erica realize that Taylor’s unborn child must also be an evo (Taylor has been tested multiple times) and Taylor pulls a gun on Erica and demands to see her boyfriend.

In the woods outside Primatech, Quentin realizes that Luke’s not taking them into the woods. Phoebe mocks Luke for being a coward and then runs away. Quentin tackles Luke to prevent Luke from shooting his sister and then grabs Luke’s discarded gun while Phoebe runs into the woods. Instead of shooting Luke, Quentin hands him the gun back and says that he’s with Luke and Malina “to the end”.


Ren enters Gateway and sits down next to Emily, who’s worried about Tommy. When Ren mentions that he’s looking for “the Master of Time and Space”, Emily says that she’s dating Tommy and the two decide to run off together to find Tommy.

Tommy saves his mother from Renautas security and then takes her into the future to show her that he can’t save humanity. Tommy’s mother gives him a pep talk about how he’ll know what to do when the time comes and that he’s capable of so much more than just saving a handful of people for Erica’s purposes. Tommy then teleports with his mother back into the present, stopping at the clocktower where he’s supposed to meet Malina before teleporting away again to find his sister.

Taylor and Erica continue their bickering at one another. After Taylor calls Erica a monster for ruining so many people’s lives, Erica has another flashback to when she was pregnant and her father (now healthy again thanks to the evo rapist/doctor) tells her that he’ll support her no matter what she decides to do with the baby. Erica leads Taylor into the basement, where Renautas security springs a trap on them and surround the pair. Taylor realizes that Francis has probably been dead the whole time and asks why Erica hates her so much. We get yet another flashback to Erica calling upon the rapist/doctor to save Taylor’s life from a lung condition. The rapist realizes that Taylor is his daughter and tries to take the girl from Erica, leading Erica to stab the doctor to death with a pair of scissors.

In the present day, Erica calls her security off and tells Taylor that she was always the greatest thing to ever happen to her. That gets Taylor to put down her gun, but Taylor refuses to escape into the future with Erica, saying that she refuses to live in an empty world with her any longer.

Luke, Quentin and Malina arrive at Claire Bennett’s old high school, which has been turned into an emergency shelter. After stopping to look at a picture of Claire, Luke and Malina enter the gymnasium. Malina uses her powers in front of a news crew, hoping to attract Tommy’s attention. Micah and Farah (who stopped at a gas station to refuel) see Malina’s display of powers and subsequent plea for help, and Micah “boosts” the signal by causing every device in the region to play the recording on a loop. Tommy gets the message and teleports away to finally meet his sister.


Erica also sees the broadcast and sends all her forces to Odessa. Joanne’s the first to arrive, followed closely by Tommy. Before Tommy can reach Malina, Otomo suddenly appears and transfers Tommy into a phone. Meanwhile, Joanne starts at Malina, causing a panic. As Farah and Carlos arrive at the gym, Luke tries to talk sense into his wife, but Joanne shoots Malina anyways and Luke incinerates Joanne with one of his fire blasts. As Luke realizes that he just killed his wife, Farah’s body materializes in front of Malina and it’s revealed that she dove in front of Malina and took the bullets meant for the young girl.

Meanwhile, Ren and Emily head deeper into Gateway, which is designed identically to a level in Evernow. Using the necklace Otomo gave him a few episodes ago, Ren activates an elevator, which takes the pair deep into “the Core”, where Ren says that Tommy will be.

Meanwhile, Parkman crashes his car on the way to seeing his family and loses his Gateway Watches into a nearby river. That seems a bit needless, but I guess he deserved it.

Otomo arrives back at Renautas and meets with Erica. Otomo mentions all the terrible things he’s done to protect his daughter, but Erica says to never be ashamed of the scars he bears for his children. We get one final flashback into Erica’s past, which reveals that Casper (then a Primatech employee) had arrived at Erica’s house shortly after she had murdered her rapist and erased Taylor’s memories of the murder.

As Ren and Emily hide in the background, Otomo transfers Tommy into the digital prison, before Erica betrays him by sedating him. The episode ends with Tommy crying for help while trapped inside the digital prison, surrounded by dozens of digital samurai and soldiers.