Hayley Atwell and Charlie Cox Reveal What Would Happen If Peggy and Daredevil Met

Hayley Atwell and Charlie Cox speculate Peggy Carter and Daredevil would get along fine, but a romance would be out of the question.

“Well, Charlie and I get on, so if they didn’t get on, we’d have to act really well and very convincingly. I think we’d get on, I think they could team up,” Atwell said at Wales Comic Con when asked how the characters might interact.

“I mean, to be fair, I know very little about any Marvel character,” Cox admitted with a laugh. Added Atwell, “Me too [laughs].”

“Just going to put that out there straight away. People often say, you know, ‘If you couldn’t play Daredevil, who would you play?’ And I haven’t read enough to be able to answer that question,” Cox said, jokingly nominating Daredevil and Spider-Man enemy Stilt-Man.

“Who’s that?” Atwell asked. Answered Cox, “Exactly.”

More seriously, Cox believes his Matt Murdock and Atwell’s Peggy Carter would get on “very well.”

“I mean, Daredevil has a pretty serious dating issue, though,” he said.

“Yeah, I don’t think Agent Carter would date him,” Atwell said. “I want to be quite clear, straight off, that this would be a business transaction and nothing more [laughs].”

Atwell’s Peggy has since passed on: she died in 2016 during the events of Captain America: Civil War. Come Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) ultimately retires when he uses time travel to live out life in the past, starting with his long-awaited dance with long lost love Peggy.

In 2018, Atwell said she was open to revisiting the character in a potentially resurrected Agent Carter series, but noted “it would have to feel right.”

“I wouldn’t want to go over old ground. It would have to be new, there would have to be higher production values so she could do more,” Atwell said at ACE Comic Con Seattle.


“I’d have to feel like it’s not just, you know, ‘a case a week with Peggy Carter.’ If she’s had an impact on audiences, let that impact grow, so it delights them, but I think it should be to do with more of the current climate now. What are smart issues to bring up? How to create any sort of kind of social weight, an emotional kind of gravitas to the show.”

Cox hopes to one day continue on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe despite Netflix’s unceremonious cancellation of Daredevil after three seasons.

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