Neflix's 'Death Note' Just Got A Teen Comedy Trailer Recut

If Netflix's live-action Death Note didn't hit the right tone for you, it looks like you're not alone.

Youtuber Cinegasm recently shared a new video, which recuts Death Note into a teenage comedy. You can check it out below.

"For this week's video, I decided to take NETFLIX'S DEATH NOTE and cut it down to what it really is at its heart: a teen comedy with barely any Death Note," the video's description reads.

The fan trailer doesn't restructure the actual plot of Death Note too much, aside from leaning more into the tumultuous relationship between Light and Mia. The video is peppered with generic teen movie tropes, complete with generic slogans doodled onto notebook paper. The trailer also does make the film feel more intentionally comedic, with moments like Light attempting to slam a locker door shut getting room for added laughs.

Along the way, the trailer comments on some of the problems fans have had with Death Note, from the bizarre soundtrack to the inconsistent performances. An emo soundtrack, complete with My Chemical Romance's 'I'm Not Okay', gives the fake trailer an extra dose of teenage angst.

And the film's ensemble cast are given pretty scathing titles, such as "That Douche From The Naked Brothers Band", "My Best Performance Was In A Perfume Ad", and "Actually Tried." Even Adam Wingard's recent Twitter controversy finds its way into the video.

Even with the mixed-at-best response to Death Note, there is a chance it could get a second chapter. A potential sequel announcement was teased by Wingard shortly after the film's release, although nothing has been heard in the weeks since. If Death Note does get a sequel, we have a few ideas as to what that should entail.

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