'Dragon Ball': Is Goku's New Transformation About To Blind Him?

Dragon Ball fans have a few hours left until the series returns with a long-awaited special, but some are hesitant to watch it. Brand-new details about Goku impending battle with Jiren have hit the Internet as of late, and the synopses have fans thinking Goku’s new power-up may very well blind him.

Dragon Ball Super has been hyping Goku’s upcoming power for awhile now, but fans only began wondering about the form’s blowback recently. The synopses for the anime’s next four episodes stress Goku leaves his battle with Jiren looking worse for wear. However, fans think Goku may be the one to damage himself the most.

Earlier this week, a synopsis for Dragon Ball Super’s 110th episode dropped and seemingly revealed the name of Goku’s new power. The form, which loosely translates to “Mastery of Self-Movement,” is one that will allow Goku to fight to his fullest potential. The power-up will give the Saiyan to ability to battle without thinking, a skill Whis has been trying to teach him for some time.

Still, the form may come with its drawbacks.

In the past, Whis scolded Goku for fighting entirely by sight; The angel said the Saiyan needed to battle by instinct and move freely without thought. Goku was never able to get a handle on the lesson, and even Beerus still struggles to master the form. When Goku fights Jiren, something will unlock within him that gives him the ability to fight without sight - and it may be because the form makes Goku blind.

When images for Goku’s new power-up were first released, each picture stressed how important the hero’s eyes were. The hero’s new form gives him light-silver eyes that are reminiscent to those of Zamasu, and their cloudy appearance now has fans worried. The discolored eyes may signal Goku’s loss of sight when he powers up, and the handicap will be one the hero isn’t used to.

Of course, Goku being temporarily blinded should help enhance his other senses. The hero will only be able to rely on his ki, and Goku would be forced to battle without thought or sight like Whis has told him to. The Saiyan will not be able to master the power-up in time to defeat Jiren during their first battle, but Dragon Ball Super has confirmed Goku will fight others once Jiren stomps him. The hero may be able to hone his new form and sudden sensory switch-up to his advantage, and Jiren won’t know what is coming when Goku challenges him for a second time.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST. Toonami also airs the English dub on Adult Swim Saturdays at 11:30 p.m.

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