This Viral Video Sees Goku & Naruto Duke It Out At Walmart

Fans may loathe to admit it, but Naruto and Goku both have their similarities. They have a thing for food, enjoy wearing orange, and fight alongside raven-haired rivals. However, there’s one very important thing fans may have accidentally looked over.

Yeah, that’s right. The heroes really love Walmart.

Over on Twitter, anime fans have been in stitches over one funny viral video that’s taking over the fandom. The clip, which can be seen below, sees two die-hard fans walking through a Walmart. The camera focuses on Goku first as the cosplayer bumps into Naruto Uzumaki, and things spin out of control almost immediately.

After swapping a few tense words, the heroes immediately go into fight mode. Obviously, that is the most in-character thing the cosplayers could do.

“Citizens of Walmart, give me your energy,” the Goku fans can be heard screaming, and a friend throws the Saiyan a pillow from off-screen. When the camera then pans to Naruto, the cosplayer is seen yelling in a crouch as he tries to power up his own deadly attack.

“Ah, Rasengann,” the fan shouts before raising his volume. “Ahhhhh! Rasengan!”

When the two collide, Goku almost destroys Naruto with a Spirit Bomb to the chest, but Naruto isn’t about to give up so easily.

“Give me some more energy,” Goku yells as he tries to power up another attack, but Naruto is not having any of that. The ninja powers up his own move and knocks the Saiyan on his back so hard his hair falls off.


The viral video is getting lots of love on Twitter, and anime fans can’t help but love the little skit. The clip has been liked nearly 150,000 times, and communities on sites like Reddit have given kudos to the boys and their ambitious cosplays plans.

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