'One Punch Man's Official Merchandise Will Make You Feel Heroic

These days, it is easier than ever to get your hand on anime merchandise. Any of your local Hot Topics are sure to have a collection of otaku-friendly hoodies, but Japan’s official anime merch is just a cut above. So, if you want to make Saitama (sorta) proud, you’ll need to check out One Punch Man’s merchandise overseas.

Over on Twitter, the One Punch Man account has been busy plugging its latest collection for heroes and villains alike. A series of new goods have gone up on the anime’s official site, and you can check out some of its best buys here.

If you are in the market for a new sleep mask, then One Punch Man has you covered. Next February, a reversible mask featuring Saitama’s eyes will go on sale and fulfill all your sleepy needs.

“Now you are the strongest hero,” the website describes the good. The reversible mask is one that can tell others just how your feeling. You can tout Saitama’s serious look or opt in for his wide-eye stare that fans have come to love. The site even says the mask is good for long travels as it will make you look awake, but you definitely won’t want to drive with these blinders on.

If a t-shirt is more your style, you can get a hoodie or shirt printed with Saitama’s minimal silhouette. The pieces show off “The Invincible Saitama,” and no baddie would dare mess with you whilst rocking these pieces.

The site is also selling One Punch Man accessories if you can’t bring yourself to commit to clothing. A calendar for 2018 is also up for sale as well as a large black-and-white canvas tote featuring Saitama all suited up.

For those unfamiliar with the One Punch Man series, here is a summary of the plot from Viz Media:

"Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking guy has a not-so-average problem—he just can’t seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on!"

The series first started as an ongoing web-comic by the author that goes by One, in early 2009. The comic went viral and so a full remake and publication of the series began in 2012 on Shueisha's Young Jump Web Comics website. Viz Media brought the manga to America in 2016 in the Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine. One Punch's anime series was created by Madhouse and first aired in Japan in late 2015, and was dubbed for English in the summer of 2016. The anime and manga both have had huge international success and recognition since release, winning New York Times Manga's Best Sellers List, was nominated for an Eisner Award, and the anime was also featured on the popular Toonami block.