'Naruto' Artwork Imagines Konohamaru As The Eighth Hokage

You don’t have to watch Naruto for long to know what its hero’s biggest goal is. The franchise established its lead wants to be the Hokage, and he will do anything to get there. Like any shonen series, its main story ended with Naruto accomplishing his mission, but Konohamaru Sarutobi won’t let his mentor hold his title forever. After all, the younger boy wants the Hokage seat for himself.

Just like his grandfather, Konohamaru carries a bright Will of Fire, and it is only a matter of time until he takes the position. So, one fan has helped fans imagine what the kid could look like as the Eighth Hokage. As you can see, Masashi Kishimoto may want to consider this look below because it will be a hard one to beat.

Taking to Reddit, a fan known as /ercarp shared their take on the Eighth Hokage. The drawing shows an aged-up Konohamaru showing that the Sarutobi clan is still formidable as he prepares for battle. With his hair styled after his Uncle Asuma, Konohamaru is seen with some full facial hair and ninja gear based on what Hiruzen wore.

Konohamaru: Eighth Hokage from r/Naruto

When fans met Hiruzen, the older man was almost always seen in his Hokage robes, but Konohamaru bucks the trend here. Instead of wearing a full-on uniform, the Eighth Hokage opts for a cut tunic he wears over stealth gear. The rest of Konohamaru’s ninja outfit is black with a single red logo on his arm to signify he is from the Leaf Village. You know, in case his headband didn’t tell his enemies that.

Konohamaru: Eighth Hokage II from r/Naruto

The artwork also shows Konohamaru in what looks to be Sage Mode. Much like Naruto, it seems the boy learned how to harness Nature Energy after training with his summon, and the Monkey King Enma taught the Eighth Hokage well. Konohamaru shows not safely side effects like Jiraiya did when he entered the form; The only way you can tell he tapped into Sage Mode is by the monkeyish bags under Konohamaru’s eyes.


If you're not familiar with Naruto, here is a brief rundown: The series follows its titular hero named Uzumaki Naruto as the ninja strives to become his village's most powerful fighter. After being orphaned at birth, the hero became his hometown's pariah as a powerful demon was sealed into him. Naruto is determined to prove he isn't a dead-last, so he decides he will become the Hokage of the Leaf Village to make others acknowledge him. However, the boy's dream is not an easy one to reach as political corruption, extremist organizations, and supernatural plots threaten the entire ninja world.

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