'My Hero Academia' Spoilers Detail A Devastating New Quirk

New Quirks are popping up every day in the world of My Hero Academia, but one particular Quirk introduced in this week's manga could be quite devastating.

Warning, spoilers incoming for the upcoming issue of My Hero Academia, so you've been warned.

Thanks to Reddit user YonkouProductions we know that Chapter 186 kicks off with a team-up between No. 2 hero Hawks and No. 1 hero Endeavor as they come upon a new villain. His name is Teruo Hazukashi, and he's more than a little peeved at society these days thanks to losing his job despite doing his best to work hard and keep it.

Hazukashi's name translates to embarrassment, and that should give you an idea in regards to his Quirk. You see, he plans to attack society with the power of shame, referring to his mission as superpower liberation. The more embarrassed Hazukashi gets the more powerful he grows, making him like the timid version of the Hulk so to speak.

Now, the spoilers suggest his first battle is anything but impressive, as Hawks is described as taking him out casually on the side while still talking to Endeavor about favorite foods and the like. That's a bit of an ego hit sure, but odds are he'll come back stronger next time. In fact, defeat seems like it would be beneficial to Hazukashi in the long run, as the more resentment and embarrassment he garners from losing battles would only make him more powerful.

It's a theory anyway, and technically if he can get literally tossed aside like a Quirk-powered gnat that should light the fuse to come back insanely powerful. Hawks might want to keep his head on a swivel for awhile.

While the rest of the issue doesn't seem to feature Hazukashi, it does feature another throwdown featuring Hawks and Endeavor. The two are trying to narrow down the presence of any remaining Nomu, but they don't have to wonder long, as they are ambushed by the modified Nomu from the last issue, setting up a crazy clash between it and Endeavor.


For those not familiar with My Hero Academia, the series hit in 2014 and has run in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July of that year. It follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, who in a world full of people with powers was born without one. In this world, those powers are called quirks, and life without one can be difficult, but that all changes after a fateful meeting with the biggest hero of them all All Might, and it seems his quest to become a hero might just happen after all.

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