'My Hero Academia' Spoilers Introduce Two New Hero Schools

The My Hero Academia's anime's upcoming "Hero License Exam Arc" will be expanding the world of the Pro Heroes and their student trainees in a big way - in part by introducing two new pro hero training schools into the series. Thanks to some new season 3.5 episode spoilers, we have more information about these new scholastic rivals for Class 1-A and the U.A. High School:

My Hero Academia scooper @aitaikimochii provides us with the following translation of the upcoming episode 53:

"The prestigious Shiketsu High School and Ketsbutsu [sp] Academy join U.A. as they compete against each other to pass the Provisional License Exam. Even though Deku and the others are surprised at the amount of participants, they soon learn of the details of the first selection!?"


For some back ground, here's a bit of info on the two new schools named above:

  • Shiketsu High School - This school is U.A.'s big rival in terms of prestige and training. It is located in the West, while U.A. is the big school in the East. Shiketsu will be sending three second-year students (Nagamasa Mora, Seiji Shishkura, Camie Utsushimi) and an intense first-year student (Inasa Yoarashi) to the Hero License Exam.
  • Ketsubutsu Academy High School - This school apparently used to be a rival for U.A., and is likely looking to rise back to that prestigious level. Ketsubutsu is sending three second-year students (Yo Shindo, Tatami Nakagame, Shikkui Makabe) to compete in the Hero License Exam.

These two schools and their students will be facing U.A. in a competition to obtain provisional hero licenses, which will allow qualified students to operate as pro heroes do, using their quirks in public to fight villains, and save innocents. However, after the Kamino Raid Operation and the loss of All Might, the government decides to make the hero license exam process much, much harder, and the qualifications much stricter. In order to meet those challenges and best their competitors, Izuku Midoriya and Class 1-A have to get some upgrades...

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