'My Hero Academia' Unveils New Hero Costumes for Class 1-A

The My Hero Academia anime is moving into its next big story arc, known as the "Hero License Exam Arc", and along with some world-expanding introductions of rival school to U.A., we're also getting some big costume upgrades for the students of Class 1-A!

This image of Eijiro Kirishima and Denki Kaminari comes on the heels of some of the first imagery of Izuku Midoriya's new costume upgrade, which will not only change the young hero's look, but also added some much-needed functional upgrades, in order to help Deku's body better withstand his One For All quirk.

These sorts of costume upgrades will see fan-favorite character Mei Hatsume make a return in the second part of season 3, as she provides Deku with an important enhancement to this costume: a gauntlet system that will protect his arms from the impact of One For All. The big wardrobe upgrades are meant to help the students of Class 1-A look good and perform better, as they enter the heated competition to obtain government-issue provisional licenses to fight villains and save innocent civilians.

Read on below for a more extensive breakdown of the "Hero License Exam Arc" storyline:

"The "Hero License Exam Arc" catches up with U.A. in its new boarding school form, with students picking up where their studies left off: training for the Provisional Hero License Exam. The exam is a biannual test the government holds, in order to grant provisional pro hero licenses to the most capable students; after the villain attacks on U.A., the school administrators are especially keen on arming their students with the legal authorization to fight back and save innocents, should the villains strike again. However, after All Might's retirement and the various troubling incidents in the pro hero world, the government has made this year's license exams even tougher and more selective than ever,meaning Izuku and Class 1-A have to step up their respective games, if they hope to pass.


This particular story arc opens up the pro hero world and student trainee world in a major way - particularly by introducing rival schools and students for U.A. Shiketsu High School is U.A.'s chief rival, holding the title of 'most prestigious' in the Western region, as U.A. is in the Eastern. There's also Ketsubutsu Academy High School, which is also in the running. From these new schools we meet some talented new students, who compete against Izuku and U.A.'s other candidates in the exam. The test itself happens in phases, similar to the Sports Festival, with two main parts to the exam. Meanwhile, there are several other big subplots, as the students, heroes, and larger world begin to truly enter a world that no longer has All Might. And in the shadows, the League of Villains begins to regroup after their leader's defeat..."

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