Fans Cannot Unsee This 'Dragon Ball Super' And 'Toy Story' Connection

Fans have been picking apart the Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer frame by frame, and in the process they've found one bizarre parallel.

The upcoming Dragon Ball Super feature film brings the Legendary Super Saiyan and his devious father, Paragus, into the canon for the first time. It features all new character designs by series creator Akira Toriyama himself, with Paragus getting the most drastic change.

That change, Twitter users couldn't help but notice, bore a striking resemblance to an intergalactic hero from a very different series. Paragus' traditional Saiyan garb consisted of a purple body suit, with white and green armor -- a nearly perfect match for Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear.

As the old saying goes, once you see it, you just cannot un-see it. Side-by-sides of Paragus and Pixar's favorite Space ranger floated around social media, gathering retweets and laughing emojis like a snowball rolling down hill.

Before long, fans were adding more background, including screen shots from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command -- a spin-off cartoon that followed the fictional space military Lightyear is a part of.

Some quick-thinking meme-makers also photoshopped Lightyear and Paragus together in eerily sensible mash-ups. The new Paragus design includes a long, formal skirt from the waist down, though in reality it is not that different from the apron Buzz is forced to wear towards the end of the first Toy Story movie.

Of course, one fan pointed out that it wasn't the first time Toriyama had seemed to give the nod and wink to the folks over at Disney, recalling Goku's first opponent in the tournament against Universe 6.

"*Toriyama gets back from Disney trip and designs new Broly dad* This color combination is really slick. I'm a genius," he wrote. "It is the Super process, lest we forget..."

Another fan argued that, in fact, Disney had started the copycat war, and they had not even been subtle about it.

0comments debuted the Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer earlier this month, and fans have combed through it ever since. The first clear look at Paragus got a lot of attention, as the vengeful Saiyan refugee has had the biggest change to his appearance. Looks are not everything, however, and once the movie hits we'll see exactly how much Broly and Paragus' origin and story have changed under Toriyama's watchful eye.

The clip will have to hold all of us over until January, when the movie finally makes its way to the U.S. In Japan, it will premiere on Dec. 14, making its way over to the U.S. a few weeks later. The exact premiere date has yet to be announced.