'Dragon Ball' Fan Goes Viral Over Hilarious Super Saiyan 4 Cosplay

Super Saiyan 4 continues to be one of the most popular Super Saiyan forms in the Dragon Ball franchise, and although it's not canon, fans want to see the form return in some official capacity.

But with a hilarious new sketch from @dragongarowLEE, fans might want to be more careful of what they wish for.

@dragongarowLEE, writer and illustrator of the now officially recognized fan work Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha, shared a strange sketch of Super Saiyan 4 Goku looking at his mobile phone. The origins of this sketch are as hilarious as this idea too. One tweet from a recent Comiket event in Japan has gone viral for capturing this hilarious moment in real life.

As caught by @uraka5 on Twitter, a bored Super Saiyan 4 cosplayer was taking a break from all the convention madness and ended up being a more hilarious sight than the cosplayers trying to get a laugh. Though the cosplayer himself may be embarrassed that he was photographed like this outside of his prepared poses, hopefully he'll take in in stride now that he's been immortalized in hilarious new art.

As for Super Saiyan 4 Goku, although it's a non-canon form that may never make its way into the official series, it has made appearances in recent Dragon Ball anime. The short promotional anime series for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game has featured the form in a few episodes as that series can have all sorts of non-canon fun that the mainline series can't really have.

The latest episode of the series even revealed just how Super Saiyan 4 Goku would react to seeing an alternate universe version of himself transform into Ultra Instinct, the canon's now strongest state for the character. He was impressed, unsurprisingly, but now fans want to see this taken even further as the interactions between Super Saiayn 4 Goku and Ultra Instinct Goku seem to have endless potential.


The Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime is gearing up for the next arc, "Universal Conflict: Dawn of War", and you can read the synopsis for it below:

“Trunks, Vegeta, and the others have escaped from the Prison planet. Before they can even recover from their wounds, they receive word that Universe 6 is under attack. What lies in wait for Vegeta and the others as they rush into Universe 6 to defeat a completely unknown enemy? Fierce battles between each universes’ strongest warriors are set to unfold as the curtain rises on the ‘Universal Conflict’ arc!”