This Massive 'Pokemon' Plush Is Probably Taller Than You

There are some truly big Pokemon out there, and the world of merchandising has embraced it. Everything has been made from a Snorlax beanbag to a rideable Lapras pillow. So, it’s fitting for yet another pocket monster to be give some oversized merch.

So, if you would like to pay homage to all things Furret, your time has come.

Recently, The Pokemon Center chain announced it would begin selling some massive plushes of Furret. The ferret-inspired creature will have a 1:1 replica sold as well as a miniature one for storage’s sake (via ANN).

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Of course, the 1:1 replica is pretty huge. You may not have known it, but Furret is the definition of an absolute unit. PokeDex data reveals Furret is 5’11” and can weigh about 72 lbs. The Generation 2 favorite may seem small on the screen, but The Pokemon Company knows better.

When it come down to it, Furret is an absolute unit, and fans will soon be able to snuggle with one whenever they want.

furret 1
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

If you want to take this plush home with you, then you are going to need to save up some cash. The Pokemon Center will open orders for the plush on February 24 and close them on March 24. The 1:1 replica will cost a whopping $275 USD before taxes and shipping, but fans will have few regrets about the purchase when it ships out this July.

This new bout of Pokemon merchandise will keep die-hard fans entertained, but casual fans can expect plenty more to hit shelves in the coming months. After all, Detective Pikachu is a thing that's happening, and it will be here soon. The live-action Pokemon flick will debut this May thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary, bringing the world a bit closer to one very unorthodox take on Pikachu.


Played by Ryan Reynolds, the mouthy pocket monster teams up with a boy named Tim to find the boy's father all while getting to the bottom of a string of recent Pokemon disappearances. With reactions to the film being favorable, Detective Pikachu could become a cash cow if its merchandise does right, so Furret will not be the only eye-catching Pokemon collectible to catch this year.

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