Netflix's 'Ultraman' Anime Shares New Trailer

Coming off of the successful anime revival of Gridman with SSSS.Gridman, Tsuburaya Productions is teaming with Production I.G., SOLA Digital Arts, and Netflix for a brand new anime take on the Ultraman franchise.

Based off of the manga sequel written by Eiichi Shimizu with illustrations by Tomohiro Shimoguchi, the new Ultraman anime shared a new trailer. You can check it out in the video above.

The newest trailer for the series introduces many of the other heroes and villains making an appearance in the new series. Naturally, this means there's a ton of cool battles being teased as well. It confirms that the anime series takes place 12 years or so after the events of the original Ultraman series released in the 1960s. It seems the series' CG animation will move a lot like if it were live-action actors in suits like the original production too.

Debuting worldwide on Netflix's streaming service on April 1, Ultraman will be directed by Kenji Kamiyama of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Shinji Aramaki of Appleseed Alpha for Production I.G and SOLA Digital Arts. Nobuko Toda and Kazuma Jinnouchi will compose the music for the series.

The cast for the series includes Ryohei Kimura as Shinjiro Hayata, Takuya Eguchi as Dan Moroboshi, Megumi Han as Seiji Hokuto, Hideyuki Tanaka as Shin Hayata, Sumire Morohoshi as Rena Sayama, Ken Uo as Mitsuhiro Ide, Shigeru Ushiyama as Edo, Ryota Takeuchi as Jack, Eiji Hanawa as Yosuke Endo, Hirokazu Sekido as Kurata, Kenjiro Tsuda as Adad, Minoru Shiraishi as Shiraishi, and Kaiji Soze as Bemlar.

Netflix officially describes Ultraman as such, "Several years have passed since the events of Ultraman, with the legendary "Giant of Light" now a memory, as it is believed he returned home after fighting the many giant aliens that invaded the Earth. Shin Hayata's son Shinjiro seems to possess a strange ability, and it is this ability, along with his father's revelation that he was Ultraman, that leads Shinjiro to battle the new aliens invading the Earth as the new Ultraman."



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