One-Punch Man: Terrible Tornado Returns to Save Hellish Blizzard

Terrible Tornado, an S-Class hero and fan-favorite in the One-Punch Man fan community, made her first appearance Season 2 in this week's episode.

Early in the episode Hellish Blizzard (Fubuki) took on "Monster Princess" Super S in a fight. The Demon-level villain nailed Blizzard in the back with numerous strikes from her spiked vine whip, which usually causes its victims to become one of her mindless slaves. But Blizzard was able to withstand the pain and call out for the help from her much-stronger older sister.

"I thought you'd be the bait to snag your little sister, but forget it! I'm killing you right now" Super S yells as Blizzard pushes her back with a psychic pulse.

"My big sister will come, even without bait," Blizzard responds, correcting her opponent.

Suddenly the ground starts to shake.

"She was closer than I thought," Blizzard points out. "She felt it when I was in pain. Here she is."

A series of explosions are set off behind the two.

Suddenly a decapitated monster head lands at Super S' feet.

"Super S! The heroes had a monster of their own!" the head says.

She suddenly begins to consider a retreat, but Tornado appears in the sky before she has the chance to run.

"You can go home Blizzard," Tornado says. "I'll clean up this whole mess."

Super S sends Blizzard's gang of brainwashed assistants to attack Tornado, causing Blizzard to ask her not to kill them. She opts to simply fling them against the wall of a nearby building. Amidst the chaos, Super S was able to escape.

"I said not to attack," Blizzard says

"That was barely an attack," Tornado responds with a disgruntled look on her face.

Tornado goes on to question why Blizzard wastes her team with Class B heroes, calling them a "burden."

Despite being the second-highest ranked hero in the world, Tornado was mistaken for a child when Saitama first met her in the first season.



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