Dragon Ball Super Dub Episode 115 Recap With Spoilers


Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is heating up as the tournament winds down to its final twenty minutes. Goku has found himself facing off against a powerful Saiyan combo of Universe 6's Caulifla and Kale, and things weren't looking good when the two fused into Kefla and overpowered him completely. With Potara fusion now in the mix, can Goku hold out?

How does Goku fight back against another Saiyan who is constantly getting more powerful too? Read on to catch up with the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super on Toonami!

  1. Kefla continues to power up, and seemingly grows stronger with every second. Goku is forced to run and keep up the counters while Kefla adjusts to her new strength and speed. Beerus says that fusion is cheating, and says that Champa will be disqualified. The Omni-Kings, however, give permission for Potara since it's neat. Beerus then wants to use it for themselves, but Universe 3 and 4 are fine without it.
  2. While Vegeta fights Top, he's wondering about the swelling power of Universe 6's Saiyans and continues to take a beating from him. Piccolo and Gohan are still struggling against Universe 6's Namekians too, who reveal they have the same healing ability that Piccolo does. Supreme Kai suggests Android 18 and 17 fuse, but Whis suggests that fusing a warrior together means they'll lose an extra fighter. So Beerus decides against the idea.
  3. Universe 2 decides to use the fusion for two of their warriors, but they can't get the earrings on in time. They are quickly pushed aside by a rushing Kefla and their Potara are destroyed. Meanwhile, Android 18 has hurt her leg and soon is attacked by Katoplesia. But before he lands a blow, Android 17 dashes in to save her.
  4. In Goku and Kefla's battle, Kefla continues to grow stronger as Goku struggles. But, he manages to regain enough stamina to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. Seeing this Kefla goes Super Saiyan herself, and reaches a new level of Super Saiyan thanks to the fusion. They dash at one another again.
  5. The two begin trading Super Saiyan level blows, and their energy gets stronger with each blast. It's enough to slightly rattle Jiren in his meditation too. Kefla still swears that she'll go Super Saiyan Blue too, but Goku remains confident. She tosses a large ki blast at him, but Goku uses his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken to deflect it. But Beerus is worried about the strain using that form without stamina puts on his body.
  6. Whis makes it clear that Goku probably didn't have the choice to hold back anymore, and this is proven by how Kefla takes one of Goku's punches head on without really flinching. But, it seems like Goku is getting the hang of things once more when he lands a strong punch on Kefla and knocks her away.
  7. Kefla won't stay down, and Goku only has enough stamina to use one more attack with Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken. He launches a Kamehameha Wave, but Kefla dodges and kicks him down. This knocks Goku out of Super Saiyan Blue, and he struggles to stand. Kefla is ready to end it, but Goku refuses to stay down.
  8. She fires a flurry of ki blasts, but Goku activates Autonomous Ultra Instinct once more. With this, he dodges all of the blasts with ease. He's broken through his limit once more, and everyone is ready to see more of this powerful new form. There are 19 minutes left in the Tournament of Power.