New Report Breaks Down Anime's Best-Scheduled Series of 2019

The rest of the year of 2019 is promising to unleash a torrent of returning and new anime series that will give fans a huge variety of shows to watch. With returning favorites such as My Hero Academia and the Fate series, and the introduction of Vinland Saga and Fire Force, there's sure to be something for everyone. In a recent report revealed by a Twitter User, the "best-scheduled" series of 2019 have been revealed and we're here to break down what this may mean for the rest of the year.

Twitter User Liborek3 revealed the list of anime that made the cut and marched their way to the top of the list to grab onto the title of "best-scheduled":

So what does it mean when a series is the "best-scheduled"? Does that mean it has the best time in a nightly schedule? Does it mean that it had the best recurring timeslot? Not exactly. What "best-scheduled" means is that the production team, animators, and everyone who has a hand in the creation of the series was given enough time before, during, and after production to make the best quality product.

(Photo: Wit Studio)

The shows that were listed here, with Vinland Saga and Fire Force for the summer and My Hero Academia and Fate/Grand Order for the fall, were given more than enough time to make sure that everything went just right in terms of production. There was no rush or "crunch" when it came to making sure that the best product was being created for viewers. There are plenty of examples of anime series that were burdened with needing to be released at a certain date, and sometimes, shortcuts were necessary when it came to various lines of production.


Certainly, if you can think of an anime series that may seem a tad less than the best it could be, or if it has some glaring animation that seems to stutter or seems just a tiny bit "off", this could be entirely based on its "schedule". It's a testament that all four of these series are coming from different animation studios as its clear that these series are really receiving some hard work from their creative producers.

What do you think of the list of the "Best Scheduled Anime for 2019"? Which of these series are you most excited for this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!

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