Lupin the 3rd CG Film Goes Viral In Hollywood Following Callout Meme

Lupin The Third is one of the longest running anime/manga franchises to be found worldwide. Originally created in the late 1960s, the story of the Gentleman Thief and his band of cohorts has warranted a handful of anime series and nearly twice as many feature length films to its name. With all this history, perhaps no franchise is more deserving of throwing shade than Lupin. One animator for Netflix has decided to throw their weight into the animation critique ring by stating how Lupin The Third's upcoming movie is a breath of fresh air when compared to some of the other characters that are currently populating the marketplace.

Nico Colaleo, an animator for Netflix, shared that the Gentleman Thief was a welcome change in his view as "it got very boring when every young guy looks like this":

There have been a number of memes when it comes to animation styles of Hollywood studios, most specifically the "smirk" that seemed to be present in most Dreamworks Animation movies. Clearly, Lupin being an older gentleman who wears his emotions on his sleeve while raising hell in an attempt to find his next big heist makes him stand apart from the other animated protagonists prevalent in so many films today.

What do you think of Nico's critique that a lot of young protagonists in western animation looks the same? Are you excited to see Lupin The Third: The First for this very reason? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and/or gentleman thieves looking to dodge Interpol while simultaneously live up to their family name!


The most recent version of the franchise is the anime Lupin the Third Part 5 which is the sixth iteration of the anime overall, and aired in Japan last year. You can currently find the original Japanese release with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, and they describe the series as such:

"Lupin’s current target: a key to a certain server facility. Once obtained, the information of all the customers and their funds from the world’s largest online bank will be in Lupin’s hands. There, they find the developer of the security system of the bank: Ami. Lupin and Jigen successfully capture Ami and bring her to their hideout. However, almost immediately upon their arrival, Zenigata and his men surround the place. Being at a loss as to why their location was exposed so easily, they discover an online show going viral. The show’s name: "Arrest Lupin III."