Dragon Ball Super Checks in on Buu's State Following Moro Match

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been a particularly tough time for Goku and Vegeta as they kept getting walloped by the increasingly stronger Planet Eater Moro. But while this arc tested the limits of Goku and Vegeta's current strength, it also surprisingly tested Majin Buu. After surprisingly getting dragged into the story at the beginning of the arc, Buu has been through quite a lot as his fight with Moro tapped into his latent godly abilities.

Now that there's been a brief reprieve from Moro as Goku and Vegeta retreat away from the dying New Namek, the latest chapter of the series checks in on how Buu's doing after that monumental bout.

In Chapter 51 of the series, Goku and the Galactic Patrol make it far enough away from Moro's location for Buu to fall back asleep. After ending up at the Galactic King's palace with the young Esca, Buu immediately passed out and reverted back to his main form. Given how much of his power he exerted in his fight with Moro, Buu's body has gone into immediate recovery. So he's going to sleep for a while.

The last strategy to re-seal Moro with Buu's power didn't quite work out as expected. Although the sleeping Grand Supreme Kai within his body had awakened and took over Buu for a brief time, this clearly didn't do the job as he was lacking in enough power instead. It was revealed that Majin Buu's split with Kid Buu also split the Grand Supreme Kai's godly ki from his body as well.


Because of this, no matter how much Buu was able to fight off Moro he was never able to deal a decisive blow. So now with that option gone completely, with Buu dead asleep, Goku now has to scramble to come up with a new strategy to defeat Moro. This surprisingly involves him tapping Merus for some special training in order to find a new way to activate Ultra Instinct. With Buu now off the table for, presumably, the rest of the arc, fans will definitely want to keep an eye on each new chapter.

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