Dragon Ball Super Just Gave Majin Buu a Huge Strength Boost

Dragon Ball Super's newest arc has presented a whole host of new challenges for Goku and Vegeta as they face off against Moro, who seemingly gets stronger with each new chapter of the manga. The latest chapter is no exception, as Moro is now the strongest he has ever been, but the tables are also beginning to turn back in Goku and Vegeta's favor as they have gotten a lot of surprising help from an old ally, Majin Buu.

The Galactic Patrol has been trying to wake up the sleeping Lord of Lords within Buu, and Chapter 48 of the series sees this come to pass as waking the Lord of Lords also gave Majin Buu a huge strength boost.

Chapter 48 of the series begins in the midst of Buu's fight with Moro. He pummels Moro with ease, and has the giddy nature he usually does when he overpowers his opponents. No matter what kind of trick Moro tries, even so much as blasting off Buu's head, Buu is overwhelmingly stronger. He expends very littler effort, and still keeps Moro on his toes.

Goku notes that although he hasn't seen Buu fight in a while, he seems stronger. The Galactic Patrol's Merus theorizes that unlocking the Lord of Lords' memories has somehow unleashed his latent potential. But the extent of his strength boost does take Merus by surprise, and Buu continues to unleash all sorts of new techniques and abilities such as multiplying his arms and controlling limbs separated from his body.

Buu manages to pin Moro down, and all Moro can do is cry about how he wouldn't be losing if he had his full magic power. But things turn pretty quickly because despite Buu's new strength, Moro still has his schemes. When Buu prepares to use the same technique the Lord of Lords used to defeat Moro 10,000 years ago, Cranberry is off in a distant area summoning the Dragon Balls.


This unfortunately brings Moro to a peak not yet seen in the series, but Buu shouldn't be counted out yet as his extreme strength boost is actually a result of the Lord of Lords completely waking within Buu. This leaves fans waiting to see what the Lord of Lords does now that he's taken control of Buu's powerful body, and the strength of the two have combined into one.

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