Ultra Instinct Goku Gets Pixel Art Makeover

The most powerful transformation to date for Goku has been Ultra Instinct. The power level, which allows Goku to enter a brand new state of strength, has the Saiyan protagonist managing to reach a level of calm that makes him more powerful than any Super Saiyan transformation had done before. Though Goku is the only Dragon Ball character so far to reach this level, we're sure to see more of it in the future of the franchise. Now, one fan has decided to create their own interpretation of Ultra Instinct, creating art work that fantastically paints Goku in a new light using pixels.

Reddit User Dvor_AK shared this amazing art work, showing off the transformation which Goku managed to master at the end of the Tournament of Power arc, causing his hair to transform into a shade of silver which had not been seen before, differing greatly from that of the blond, red, and blue colors we had seen previously:

Ultra Instinct Goku pixel art from r/dbz

While the anime ended shortly after Goku managed to gain the full power of Ultra Instinct, the manga is continuing to lead the Saiyan protagonist down a road where he will learn to leverage the transformation at his discretion. With Goku and his friends facing off against the growing power of the ancient sorcerer Moro, Son has been training beneath the Galactic Patrolman Merus who seems to rely on power that is somewhat akin to Ultra Instinct itself.

Goku and Merus have been training away from the war against Moro, with Merus surprisingly being on a similar power level as the Z Fighter. Whether or not Goku will learn to once again harness Ultra Instinct, or perhaps learn an entirely new transformation, is yet to be seen though its clear that the fight against Moro will be one for the ages.


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