Castlevania Season Three Sees Two Vampire Hunters Start A Relationship

With the arrival of Castlevania season three having hit earlier today, we have also seen the arrival of a romantic relationship that has formed between two of the three vampire hunters that have made the animated series so popular. Trevor Belmont and Sypha originally could not stop insulting one another, even though they both had saved one another's lives throughout the many fights that they had encountered against a horde of vampires and demons alike! In a world that no longer has Dracula in it but is still plagued by armies of the undead, this romance is a testament that hope still flourishes within the series.

Warning! If you have yet to watch Season Three of Castlevania on Netflix, you may do well to avoid the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some spoiler territory on this one!

While the banter between the two had always been playful with their destructive powers eliminating their fair share of monsters, it was only until this season that these two undead slayers gave into their feelings and began shacking up with one another. As the series takes place a few weeks, if not months, after the end of the second season, we see Trevor and Sypha travelling as monster hunters for hire, using their unique skills to kill the remnants of Dracula's army.

As they traverse the land in their wagon, their banter continues as always but it's clear that the two have begun having romantic feelings for one another, sharing a bed. In one particular scene, after a long time on the road, Trevor has his first beer in a long time, exclaiming that it was "better than sex". Of course, this ruffles Sypha's feathers and she proceeds to use her "bending magic" to freeze his alcoholic beverage in its cup.


Fans of the lore may know that Trevor and Sypha's relationship with one another produces one of the most important characters in the Castlevania lore, with their son being none other than the legendary Simon Belmont. Simon, of course, was the very first protagonist to appear in the video game franchise, appearing in the original Castlevania that was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1980s!

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