My Hero Academia Introduces a Clever Hologram Quirk

There is a long history in comic books of heroes making things appear which aren't really there. Whether you look at The Enchantress or even Scarlet Witch, you do not have to try hard find such a hero. Of course, the creator of My Hero Academia knows this given his love of comics, and it didn't take long for Kohei Horikoshi to bring such a power to his manga. But in true style, the series give a tech twist to this gift by unveiling a special quirk focused on holograms.

For those who have seen the latest movie, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising went beyond with its story this year. The movie climbed high up the box office upon its limited U.S. release, and fans got the chance to watch Izuku practice his Hero Work for real. The boy was sent on a class trip to oversee a peaceful island, and it is there Izuku met the user of the Hologram Quirk.

Fans noticed the power belongs to a young girl name Mahoro Shimano, the older sister of a boy named Katsuma. Over the years, Mahoro came to embrace her quirk as a way to protect her brother, but the power has far more use than simply entertainment.


In the movie, Mahoro is seen distracting Izuku and Bakugo with her quirk when she conjures up a scene of a fight. The heroes-in-training realize the scene before them is nothing but a hologram after they punches fail to connect, but Mahoro finds other ways to use her quirk. Her hologram powers can distract opponents, send distress signals to her friends, and stage scenes which scare villains out of their wits. The quirk is not an offensive one by any means, but My Hero Academia fans are sure Mahoro will find a way to use it in combat one day should she become a hero.

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