My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Shows How Far Izuku Will Go to Protect Others

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising gave us some of the biggest action scenes that the franchise has ever seen, and also gave us a better look into the character of Midoriya and the lengths he would go to not just save the world, but save one solitary person. With the villain Nine attempting to create a world where the strong rule the weak, he has his eyes set on an isolated island that harbors someone who can help him in achieving his high held goal. With Midoriya needing to rely on the help of his friends, it's clear that he has earned the title of the successor to All Might.

Warning! We'll be going into some deep spoiler territory for the second film in the franchise of My Hero Academia with this article, so if you have yet to see the film and want to go in fresh, steer clear while you can!

As Midoriya teamed up with his rival in Class 1-A, Bakugo, the two young heroes try their hardest to bring down the antagonistic Nine. With Nine attempting to steal a young boy's quirk that will allow him to heal from the use of his powers, Class 1-A is doing everything they can to bring down the villain. As Class 1-A finds themselves unable to bring down the titanic rogue, both Midoriya and Bakugo are caught in Nine's grasp, unable to escape.

Midoriya realizes that the only way to defeat Nine is to pass off his quirk completely to Bakugo, transferring the One For All Quirk to the explosive hero. Luckily, the gambit pays off and both a super charged Midoriya and Bakugo are able to defeat Nine and save the young boy with his quirk in tact. With All Might visiting them following the fight, Deku learns that he was able to retain the quirk of One For All thanks in part to blind luck, but it proved just how far Midoriya would go to save another's life.


Even before Deku got his powers, he would throw himself in front of danger to assist others. A hero at heart throughout his life, he was, and remains, the perfect heir apparent to All Might and we look forward to continue watching him grow as a hero.

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