Pokemon Fandom Creates Hall of Shame for Its Worst Trainers

Pokemon might be one of the cutest anime out there, but that doesn't mean the franchise is all joy and laughter. The series has a dark side lying right under the surface. Time and again, the franchise has wowed fans with its dark implications, and anime lovers went so far as to create a Hall of Shame for some of its worst trainers to date.

And yes, there are some terrible trainers out there. Some people do not deserve to have any Pokemon, and anime fans were reminded of that with the series' most recent episode.

As you can see below, the fan ayano aishi on Twitter created the callout post. It surfaced after the anime went dark with its latest Gengar comeback. The Pokemon showed up after terrorizing people at Sakuragai Laboratories, but his bad behavior makes so much sense after you realize he was abandoned by his trainer.

Yes, that is right. In the tweet above, you can see the terrible Pokemon trainer to right hand side. His pink undercut looks pretty nice, but his haughty attitude has made him a top enemy to fans.

Of course, fans took this chance to point out other trainers who chose to leave their Pokemon in the dust. From Charmander to Chimchar and beyond, there are plenty plenty of Pokemon left abandoned by their trainers. This kind of burn is one that lasts, and Pokemon fans are ready to perma-ban these trainers from ever getting new catches again. And looking at monsters like Gengar, you can't help but want justice for the lost Pokemon.


And before you say it, we can keep Ash out of this conversation. The trainer has had to give up his Pokemon, but he never wanted to do so willingly. Whether we're talking Greninja or Charizard, Ash let his Pokemon go with their kind or trainers he trusted without a doubt. No matter where Ash's Pokemon went, they were left in love, and we can all agree that is not what Gengar was given when he was abandoned by his first trainer so long ago.

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