My Hero Academia Shows Why Hawks Is Perfect to Fight Twice

The Paranormal Liberation Front has begun in the manga of My Hero Academia, and the most recently released chapter has astonishingly showed us just why Hawks is the best hero for the job in taking down the villain Twice. Twice, who is a member of the League of Villains and has a quirk that allows him to duplicate himself, as well as any person or object that he knows the dimensions of, has completely lost his composure during the opening salvo of this brawl, giving him a power up unlike anything we've seen!

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 265 of My Hero Academia's manga, you may want to steer clear of the remainder of this article as we'll be diving into some deep spoiler territory!

This latest chapter of the manga hasn't just given us the continuation of the fight between Twice and Hawks, but also Re-Destro unleashing his Quirk against Tokoyami's Dark Shadow, revealing that this battle threatens to cause far more collateral damage than we thought possible. With the young aspiring heroes banding together in the fight against the insanely powerful organization, we have to wonder just who will make it out of this conflict alive, whether they be hero or villain!

When last we left Twice and Hawks in the previous chapter, the normally light hearted villain had gone for broke, unleashing his ultimate technique of the "Sad Man's Parade" which unloads a huge amount of clones from his body. Feeling betrayed by Hawks, Twice may be one of the most powerful members of the Front, but it's clear that he has met his match against the current number two hero! Hawks, using his ability to control all of the feathers in his wings, creates a series of razor sharp projectiles that are able to instantly destroy anything that Twice makes, essentially making the black and white costumed antagonist useless.


Hawks unfortunately isn't able to deliver the final blow in the fight, as his battle with Twice is interrupted by the fire wielding villain Dabi. With this villain tag team now forming, it seems as if the upper hand that Hawks once had is now gone as his power may be beneficial against someone like Twice, but aren't nearly as much so against someone like Dabi!

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