Studio Ghibli Fan Goes Viral for Hilarious DIY Totoro Cosplay

When it comes to anime fandom, cosplayers are living large these days in light of Halloween. The spooky season has directed attention to cosplayers as netizens begin searching for all sorts of creative costumes. That is why all eyes are on the infamous Low Cost Cosplay profile, and their latest Studio Ghibli look has fans rolling in laughter.

You can check out the cosplay in question below if you want to figure it out for yourself. Low Cost Cosplay is seen wearing a solid gray-black hoodie with loose black socks to match. With a white-grey wig on, the user shows fans the tools they used to achieve this My Neighbor Totoro look, and sweets were the name of the game.

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T O T O R O #lowcostcosplay #studioghibli #art

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So if you need a last-minute cosplay this Halloween, you can try to make it happen with sandwich cookies and chocolate-covered pocky sticks.

As you can tell, Low Cost Cosplay took their hilarious photo from above to recreate one of Studio Ghibli's cutest icons. After all, Totoro is easy to make out in this top-down photo. The mascot's whiskers are brought to life with the pocky sticks while its fur is textured with cookies. Even Totoro's ears are recreated with the fan's socks while the bulk of its body is made by an illusion. The body comes together with the user's torso and white-grey wig, so you can see why this low-cost cosplay is going so viral. And if you want to recreate it yourself, well - you can get all your supplies at your local Walmart or Target!


What do you think about this low-cost cosplay? Which other Ghibli mascots would you like to see this fan tackle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.