This Japanese Company Pays Its Workers More If They Marry Anime Characters

Dating is hard, and there are plenty who think marriage is something they will never take part in. [...]

Dating is hard, and there are plenty who think marriage is something they will never take part in. However, if you work in Japan, one company is happy to accept your significant other no matter where they come from.

After all, the tech research company Gatebox Lab is totally fine with you marrying your anime waifu.

According to a recent report by Nico Nico News, Gatebox Lab is looking to hire and has some special perks for new recruits (via Kotaku). The company is hoping to bring in workers who are in love with fictional, 2D characters from any walk of life.

Gatebox Lab is willing to offer its employees a monthly stipend if they've bound themselves to a fictional spouse. The firm is offering recruits $45 a month in support compensation and will even give them a day off on their other's birthday.

For employees to get the benefit, they do not have to find a legal loophole to marry Nami or Naruto. The company has created marriage registration forms that are used in-house for its employees. So, workers may not get a tax break over their nuptials, but Gatebox Lab will still celebrate your love with you.

Nico Nico News says Gatebox Lab will recognize all sorts of fictional marriages. You can marry an anime waifu or go for another fictional 3D character whether they be human or not. The only stipulation is that the spouse can only submit one application and it cannot be to an actual person.

Of course, there are anime fans who really wouldn't mind dating and marrying their waifu. This year, a group of men made waves after an adult game studio in Japan created a way to help its clients marry their favorite 2D girls. Hibiki Works held a contest for three men to marry their anime brides by using virtual reality supplement, and - yes - an actual priest was brought in to officiate the public ceremonies.

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