KISS Singer Gene Simmons Gets Why Otakus Are Marrying Their Waifus

Life is often stranger than fiction, and when it comes to anime, that is most definitely the case. Over the decades, the fandom has expanded its horizons significantly and opened avenues once unheard of for fans. One of these avenues includes wedding anime characters, and to the delight of many, it seems the lead singer of KISS totally gets the phenomenon.

You might not have expected Gene Simmons to comment on the rising trend, but that is what the KISS singer did over on Twitter recently. The musician shared an article profiling a man who married Hatsune Miku in 2018. The report went on to detail the ins and outs of fictosexuality before earning Simmons' seal of approval.

"It doesn't matter if you understand this relationship. It only matters if this Otaku man is happy. Otaku is a person who is a manga and tech fan. Good luck to him," the artist shared.

There is no denying how open-minded Simmons is about this marriage, and his interest in Japanese pop culture should come as no surprise. The KISS lead has commented on popular anime like Love Live! before and even worked with Astro Boy in the past. KISS has even teamed up with idol groups from Japan like Momoiro Clover Z and singers such as Yoshiki.


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